3 Most Popular Liposuction Technique in Singapore

There are a few type of liposuction that I perform, one is so called the traditional technique which basically the use of a cannula which essentially a stick with a hole down the middle and sucks the fat out; some people refer this the tumescent technique. The tumescent in relation to how we perform the procedure which essentially we make a very small incision and fill up the space with fluid including a little lidocaine, epinephrine to reduce bleeding, bruising, and also a little saline. In Singapore, liposuction must be done by professional doctors to ensure the safety of the patients is covered as stated by THE Ministry of Health (MOH), but most importantly the real end goal result of better body shape must be achieved. Anyway, with this method therefore it stretches the fat cells out to make them easier to get pulled out. The other type I use is:

Laser Assisted Liposuction

It’s called assisted because it’s really just assisting the traditional method. Meaning the laser itself is a small little wire with light on the end which helps melt the fat as we bring it back and forth throughout the tissue but we also need to remove that fat. In addition to the laser itself we also follow back the traditional technique. The other is called:

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
this is similar to the laser but it uses a more advanced ultrasound technology which causes the fat cells to shake really violently and then break apart, then we pull them out with the tumescent technique. This is mainly use for areas such as the chest in man, as well as the waist in both men and women. And finally there is a technique that came out a few years ago that had become a game changer for Singaporeans surgeon.

the typical 1 hour procedure of removing the fat

Not only it made the surgery a little easier on a surgeon technically but also gives me some better results, a smoother type of result, so that is called the

Power Assisted Liposuction a.k.a PAL
This is the device, it’s from a brand called microaire. I will turn on very gently and you can see very slightly how the cannula itself tends to vibrate gently which allow the fat cells to break apart from each other and then get sucked out at the same moment. This is I think a great advance in liposuction technology and one that I certainly use for all cases. Each of our procedure is performed in our fully accredited surgery center under iv sedation or awake. Commonly there are risk of using different anesthesia methods but I personally prefer patients to have iv sedation because I find patients tend to tolerate the procedure much better when they are asleep without me having to concern about cause any kind of pain throughout the process. Some patients who rather to be awake we can do that too but I do feel the technique is easier to perform with better result when the patients asleep. The recovery from this procedure is between 3 and 5 days. Most patients are up back to work after about 4 days and then exercising after about 1 week or 2 weeks.